Monday, 2 March 2009


Today we stood again in the Foyer of Victoria building and we approached all students who walkd past us. Alot of them said they would bring the tops Thursday but still not alot of people new about the event. We need to still raise more awareness.
Rachel said she would make us a sign which would make us stand out.
After Wednesdays lesson we are hoping to go to the C&T building to get more awareness over there.
We hope to get more people on board. More people that now the more likely that people will take part.
Have to keep reminding everyone.
Hopefully Thursday will be more successful.

Tramps Garden have been intouch and have given me a link to there website. They have offered to advertise us on this all so.

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  1. Hi Katie

    I'm really impressed with the amount you have done on this Blog. You have linked to other useful sites and posted some of your ideas on SWOT/PEST - plus your poster.

    Well Done! Keep up this standard and I am sure that you will do well in your assessemnt for this module.