Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Today was the big event SWAP A TOP with Jewellery, Brooches and Photoframes.
People forgot to bring tops so therfore we just had to sell the tops that we had.
Each top we sold for just £1.
We managed to sell a grand total of 8 tops! Getting us £7.50 profit!We hung three tops above the stalls to get the attention of people walking by. This worked pretty well as a selling point as a guy bought the central top.
The stands worked well together. We found at first that the sign at the end of the rail was putting people off because people thought they had to swap there tops they were wearing so we covered the Swap a Top part of the sign with "Buy a Top for a £1"
The stand worked well because we had a variety of tops from strappy ones, hoodies, casual and smart. All of which caught alot of attention.
We also added extra signs around the SU saying Tops for a £1 with arows which we hoped people read as they walked through. It was a ideal location as there was lots going on with the student elections, open day visitors and an event upstairs with elderly people who we approached to promote our products.
Here is our rail which stood out because of the bright colours. It was right by the shop aswell so people where coming across it whilst shopping for stationery.
The Jewellery Stand worked particuraly well and we found the crafty objects where alot more popular than the tops. People liked that they where unique and apartantly there was a shop in town selling similar products at £100 so there necklaces where a bargain at £3.50 for small ones or £5 for big ones.
We did have a few people look go away and think about it then come back with friends and show and tell them and they would both buy items. I managed to get a Manikin from the Textile room which we put one of the best tops on with a Brooch and a Necklace to promote everyones stock together. This top also sold so that was a good selling point to.

Overall I am really pleased with how the day went and alot of people where asking if it was only for today and where disappointed when they found out it was.
We managed to raise just over £100 as a group and I am pleased we managed to raise so much money for Red Nose Day.
If I was to do this event again I would promote the event more, I would make small flyers to hand out to people, I would have a Raffle and also could have other items to Swish including jewellery, accessories and shoes. The event worked well and all left over tops are going to go Tramps Garden so that they can use them for there event so nothing was wasted.


  1. Sounds and looks great Katie! really sorry we missed it =[
    Third year is crazy...always busy, busy and always forgetting things!
    You guys should to come and join us on tues..would be fab to see you. Good luck with the rest of business and pro practice. xx

  2. Thanks girlsglad yours went well to x