Friday, 20 February 2009

Email for PLUTO newspaer

I have sent a email to PLUTO newspaper requesting help with advertising!!
"Hiya I am student on the Textiles course and as part of my Creative Business Elective we are organising a Red Nose Day event called "Swop a Top"

We are wondering how we would go about advertising our business in your PLUTO newspaper?
We want to get as much student awareness as possible so that we can raise lots of money!!
Because it is for a chariety if theres a way we could do cheap it would be much appreciated.
Thank you for your time and support
Love Katie
I will await on response

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Small flyer to get T-Shirts

Here is the Flyer which I have produced to put around so that we can get the TShirts before the event.


A group of students from the creative buisness elective are organising a "Swop A Top" event. This will mean any students Girls and Boys can bring a top and then swop a top with another one.
To take part you will need to bring a TOP in advance on:Mondays and Thursdays 1-2pm in the Victoria building ground floor by the stairs where you will recieve a voucher.This voucher can then be used on the day to exchange for tops that you want.
The event will be held on Monday 16th March in SU at 10am-4pm!On the day you will be asked to pay £1 to swop your top so that we can donate to Chariety!
On the day of the event there will also be a raffle and a hand made jewellery stand.
Please come and join in the fun and swop your old tops for something brand new all for just £1!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Swop A Top

STRENGTHS- Cheap, Something new to Preston, Eco Friendly, Unique, Fun, Everyone gets something new, Personalise tops using Textile skills, Variety of clothes, The thought of wearing someone elses things and getting a BARGAIN.
WEAKNESSES- Pricing, Enough advertising so we get alot of people attending, Changing rooms, May get stuck with remaining T-Shirts.
OPPORTUNITIES- Raise lots of money for RED NOSE DAY, Raffles with additional prizes, Work with other group to encourage related sales, Website, Marketing in Pluto paper, Radio Lancashire and A U Look Out.
THREATS- Anyone could do it and idea could be stolen.
  • Organise Day
  • Think about ten questions to find out what the people want
  • Research SWISH on google



We have decided to change our plan of the Paddys Day T-Shirts to Swop A Top.
We where concerned that they wont sell, they are expensive and we dont have alot of time.

New Idea
We have now decided that we will ask people to bring a top they dont want put it on a rail and swop it with someone elses. We will ask each of the customers to pay some money to do it, we will have donation box and also have a raffle for additional money.

"The Art of Swishing involves getting your friends together to swap gorgeous clothes and party at the same time. Every lady must bring at least one good quality, clean item of clothing, or an accessory, that she'd feel proud to hand on."

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Analysis Templates

  • 3 Artists with textile experience of making things
  • Appeal both to Men and Women
  • USP-Near to University and could get support from SU Bar, 53degrees
  • Less likely to be returned because its for chariety and cheap


  • Lack of time Paddys day is in March. Just over a month to organise it
  • Money because we dont have alot of it
  • Need to stick with other commitments of course
  • 2 groups to compete against and also shops


  • Trends/Fashion to suit all students male and female
  • Surprise and uniqueness for all students
  • Good opportunity to raise lots of money for chariety
  • Seasonal- could continue Tshirt productionn if it takes off for other occasions


  • Environmental- clothing cant always be recycled. Particularly because these are seasonal
  • High Street competitors
  • Other St Patrick Day producers of merchandise


  • Funding
  • Trading Standards
  • Health and Safety


  • Tax Issues
  • Market and trade issues because its seasonal
  • Possilbe trading over in Ireland or even on the internet
  • Networking with students, public and friends and family


  • Maybe only Irish will be interested(Questionaires)
  • Need to advertise through flats, SU and word of mouth
  • Wear the TShirts to promote the stock
  • Maybe get possible sponsor


  • Factory Work is tough opposition because only have 3 sets of hands
  • Possible textile machines to help with printing
  • Printing places for price variations


  1. I want to meet with my group to discuss our ideas
  2. Research sponsors
  3. Possible places where we can print our T-Shirts
  4. Speak to SU Bar and 53Degrees about possible promotions
  5. Discover our company Vision, Mission and Name